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Coulee Region Women Magazine

Building a Business Community

Lisa Herr leads the 7 Rivers Alliance in building a local workforce.


When local businesses succeed, the communities and people around them thrive. But when businesses can’t get employees, the effects can be devastating. And it’s not just a matter of training more locals to do the work, says Lisa Herr, CEO of the 7 Rivers Alliance in La Crosse. Our area has more people leaving to work elsewhere than coming in. Add in low unemployment and the fact that the number of local workers older than 60 is expected to increase from 25 to 33 percent during the next five years, and there is a serious challenge ahead. 


Congratulations Lisa Herr for all of your incredible contributions to the 7 rivers region! To read the rest of this incredible article, click on the link below! The article is on page 15.



Coulee Region Women Magazine Coulee Region Women Magazine April-May 2017

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