WI Financial Assistance

Wisconsin has the expertise, programs and support network to help you and the communities in which you operate. They offer loans, loan guarantees and tax credits to help companies grow and succeed in Wisconsin. For businesses that do not have significant Wisconsin income tax liabilities, Economic Development Tax Credits can be transferred to a third party. To encourage business growth and job creation, they provide tax credits and exemptions on sales and property tax for qualifying manufacturing and agricultural businesses. In fact, you can virtually eliminate the tax on income from manufacturing activity in the state with the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit. When fully phased in, the effective corporate tax rate for manufacturing and agricultural activities will be just 0.4 percent. For businesses planning to move to and hire workers in Wisconsin, they offer Economic Development Tax Credits based on the creation or retention of full-time jobs, depending upon the wage range and number of jobs to be created. Through their Certified In Wisconsin Program, they have standardized the process of identifying development-ready sites to help expedite business expansion, saving time, money and potential risk. As part of their $150 million commitment to workforce development, they offer Training Grants to businesses that want to upgrade or improve the job-related skills of their full-time employees.


Tax Credits

Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit

Virtually eliminates the tax on income from manufacturing activity in the state

Economic Development Tax Credits

Available for the creation or retention of full-time jobs, based on the wage range and number of jobs to be created

Loans and Grants

Training Grants

Available to businesses to upgrade or improve job-related skills of full-time employees

Certified In Wisconsin

Standardized certification of ready-to-develop sites to help make your business expansion productive in less time


For more information on Wisconsin Financial Assistance visit: Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation


For more information on any of these programs, or to see if your project qualifies, contact WEDC:

Wade Goodsell

E-Mail: wade@inwisconsin.com

Phone: (608) 210.6813.