About 7 Rivers

7 Rivers Alliance

The 7 Rivers Alliance is an economic development organization for the Upper Mississippi Region that is dedicated to economic development across geographic and state boundaries.  We understand the needs of businesses and workers are not limited to zip codes and municipal boundaries. With continuous research, we strive to provide useful workforce solutions for the region, offer relevant seminars, and create opportunities for our region to utilize. 

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Mission Statement

The 7 Rivers Alliance is a regional leadership group that boosts economic growth by fostering collaboration in Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota, and Northeast Iowa. We advocate for keeping communication open, and we continue to develop regional networks through meetings and networking events. The 7 Rivers Alliance brings together public and private resources to forge entrepreneurial growth and serves as a clearinghouse of information to enhance quality of life in the region.


Principles of Collaboration

EQUITY – We support economic opportunity, and we support high quality of life for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

COLLABORATION – Our economies and assets transcend physical borders and boundaries.  Our ability to compete globally is dependent upon our ability to collaborate as a region.

COOPERATION – We advocate for cooperative intergovernmental strategies that maintain regional business development initiatives and improve the overall efficiency of municipal services throughout the region.

STEWARDSHIP – Our preservation of physical assets, infrastructure and natural resources is critical as they are inextricably linked to quality of life.  Economic prosperity means a high quality of life and quality of life fosters economic prosperity.

CELEBRATION – We identify, celebrate and market the unique assets of all counties and communities within the region.  We recognize that the promotion of our region is a competitive advantage for attracting business and new resources into the region.