Certified Sites

Companies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites that are not only part of sustainable development but are also relatively “risk-free.” Iowa’s Certified Sites can fill the demand for project-ready industrial sites, making the decision to locate in Iowa an easy one. Iowa’s certified site program, designed and implemented by the nationally recognized site selection firm McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), parallels a typical site location process. Once credentialed, an Iowa Certified Site has relevant site-related data and documentation accumulated and is designated as “development-ready”. IEDA is proud to have four Iowa Certified Sites, designated in April 2014. Many other Iowa sites are currently working towards future certification and sustainable development.

For more information on Certified Sites in Iowa, visit: Iowa Economic Development Authority


Verified Sites




The 7 Rivers Alliance Golden Shovel Ready Sites

The 7 Rivers Alliance Golden Shovel Ready Site designation was developed for sites throughout the region that are ready for development, both publicly owned and privately owned. The designation is not meant to replace or compete with the state Certified Sites Programs. Rather, this program provides a scaled down alternative for smaller sites or those that cannot meet the criteria of the State program. To learn more click here.


To be eligible for The 7 Rivers Alliance Golden Shovel Ready Site selection, please submit the following documents:




Notice: All information shared in Golden Shovel Project is publicly posted on The 7 Rivers Alliance website for site selectors to view. Please do not post any confidential information.

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