And the survey says …

I know that Richard Dawson is long dead and Steve Harvey is the host these days, but I can’t help thinking of Dawson bellowing out these words on Family Feud when I hear about the results of a survey.

Survey, you may ask?

Yes, a survey.

But before I can release the results, I need you to take a few minutes to fill out what I will unabashedly proclaim as the most important survey you will take this year.

The 7 Rivers Alliance is resuming its annual survey of area businesses — a task we started in 2014. (We did skip 2021 in deference to the all-consuming world of dealing with the pandemic). . It’s one of the region’s most comprehensive and local surveys.

The results of the survey are not just simply filed away. They are used to help the 7 Rivers Alliance and other economic development organizations focus our priorities on assisting our region. It was the 2015 survey which showed nearly three-quarters of businesses having a hard time finding workers that led to the 7 Rivers Alliance Workforce Development plan.

There are always challenges and opportunities in the business world. Do businesses have adequate facilities? How have supply chain issues impacted your business? What steps have you taken to recruit workers? Is more of your workforce working remotely? What kind of economic development help would be useful to your business? 

The 7 Rivers Alliance met recently with representatives from our partner organizations and incorporated their feedback into the survey. While there are local economic development initiatives across our region, the more we learn about our larger challenges and opportunities, the bigger the benefit to the region as a whole.  

This survey is not intended for just larger corporations. It is vital that we receive results from across the region and from businesses small to large so the diversity of our economic base is represented. All businesses are important to our region.

Please limit your responses to one per organization, however.

The results of the survey will be tabulated and shared at our annual State of the Region meeting which is scheduled for this fall. Anyone who wants a copy will be provided with one.

Now, the challenge is yours. Please take the time to fill out the survey and spread the word with your peers. The more surveys that are turned in will give us more accurate results.

It won’t be painful.

There are no wrong answers or annoying buzzers.

I promise.

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