New Award to Recognize Community Partnership!

Posted on July 1, 2017 - 7 Rivers News

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Lee Rasch Community Partnership Award 2017!




The Lee Rasch Community Partnership Award was created to honor the outstanding work of non-profit organizations and their partnership with public and private sector organizations in Southwest Wisconsin, Southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa.


The award-winning partnership will receive $1,000 and a documentary video of their collaboration. The video will serve as a valuable tool in the partnership efforts to raise community awareness of their important work, expand the partnership and secure additional sponsors.



Selection Criteria:

  • -A description of the partnership and the role of each partner
  • -An explanation of how the partnership was started
  • -The duration of the partnership to date (a minimum of one year)
  • -Project goals and achievement of measurable outcomes that demonstrate a positive impact
  • -Ability of the partnership to innovate and stimulate new ideas addressing social issues
  • -The partnership’s commitment to advancing the mission and principles of the applicant organization.
  • -In addition, the organization should include a copy of its most recent annual report; a comprehensive list of individuals comprising the governing body of the organization and the contact information of the person at the organization leading the application.


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