Whether it’s to start up, operate or expand, at some stage most every business owner must find the money to make things happen. Minnesota DEED’s business financing programs help companies and communities retain existing jobs and create new high-quality jobs. Not all businesses are eligible. Qualifying businesses must meet specific job creation and wage goals. Some programs are general in nature. Others focus on targeted regions of the state, on targeted industries that show job-growth potential, and on targeted groups of people. Some incentives are offered by state government, some by local governments or other authorities.Generally, state incentives are tied to wage and job creation goals, and companies must enter into a formal business subsidy agreement to be eligible.

Tax Credits

Trying to grow your business? Our tax credits programs can help. Businesses must meet certain criteria to be eligible for tax credits. Requirements are set by each program.

Angel Tax Credit

Provides incentives to invest in startup and emerging companies focused on high technology.

Film Production Tax Credit

Provides an assignable 25% tax credit for film, video, or digital media projects that expend at least $1,000,000 in eligible production costs.

Greater MN Job Expansion Program

Sales tax refunds for 7 years to existing businesses expanding in Greater Minnesota.

Data Center Tax Incentives

Sales tax exemptions for 20 years on equipment for qualifying investments.

R&D Tax Credit Program

Equal to 10% of qualifying expenses up to $2 million for certain R&D activities.

Border-Cities Enterprise Zones

Provides tax credits for business investment, development, and job creation in qualifying cities.

SEED Capital Investment Credit

Incentives for business investments in targeted cities on Minnesota’s western border.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones use tax incentives in low-income urban and rural communities nationwide to draw long-term investment to areas that are in the most economic need by creating a fund for these investments that are in the most economic need

Loans, Grants, More

For information about financing your business visit: Minnesota DEED

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