About Vernon County

Deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s Hidden Valleys lies Vernon County. It is a place so quiet and beautiful, it’s no wonder we call it God’s Country. Our celebrated rivers, rugged hills, scenic farms, sturdy forests, tranquil back roads, crystal air and friendly people combine to make Vernon County the ideal place to find rest and renewal.


Here in Vernon County, outdoor fun is always in season. All year long, you’ll always find plenty of outdoor action. Join us for boating, biking, paddling, hiking, bird watching, fishing, snowmobile and skiing.


Throughout Vernon County, you’ll find clean, pleasant communities that are proud of their heritage, their history and their values. We celebrate that heritage with world-renowned festivals, cultural centers, parks, nature reserves and historical sites. And we’re always ready to share our love of the land and our way of life.


So, start planning your escape to the country in Vernon County. Discover our friendly towns, postcard vistas, peaceful hidaways and our simple, honest way of life. We’re ready to share our secrets with you.


Top Ten Employers

Employer Service or Product Number of Employees
CROPP Dairy product merchant wholesalers 250‐499 employees
Vernon Memorial Healthcare Inc. General medical and surgical hospitals 250‐499 employees
Nelson Global Products Inc. Miscellaneous general purpose machinery mfg. 100‐249 employees
Running Inc. Taxi service 100‐249 employees
Wal-Mart Warehouse clubs and supercenters 100‐249 employees
St. Joseph’s Health Services Inc General medical and surgical hospitals 100‐249 employees
Bethel Home and Services Inc. Nursing care facilities 100‐249 employees
Viroqua Area School District Elementary and secondary schools 100‐249 employees
Vernon Manor Nursing care facilities 100‐249 employees
Westby Co-Op Creamery Co. Fluid milk manufacturing 100‐249 employees

Source: WI DWD, Bureau ofWorkforce Training, QCEW, OEAspecial request, Sept. 2013


Population and Demographics

Apr 1, 2010 Census Jan 1, 2013 Estimate Numeric Change Proportional Change
United States 308,400,408 315,090,923 6,690,515 2.2%
Wisconsin 5,686,986 5,717,110 30,124 0.5%
Vernon County 29,773 29,930 157 0.5%
    Viroqua, City 4,362 4,361 ‐1 0.0%
    Westby, City 2,200 2,229 29 1.3%
    Viroqua, Town 1,718 1,739 21 1.2%
    Hillsboro, City 1,417 1,411 ‐6 ‐0.4%
    Clinton, Town 1,364 1,376 12 0.9%
    Bergen, Town 1,358 1,367 9 0.7%
    Franklin, Town 1,143 1,168 25 2.2%
    Jefferson, Town 1,140 1,137 ‐3 ‐0.3%
    Hamburg, Town 973 970 ‐3 ‐0.3%
    Christiana, Town 931 938 7 0.8%

Source: Demographic Services Center, Wisconsin Department of Administration

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