About Juneau County

Juneau County, Wisconsin was established in 1857 when the State of Wisconsin passed legislation separating lands west of the Wisconsin River from what was then Adams County. After a contest with neighboring New Lisbon, the county seat was established in Maugh’s Town, which is known today as Mauston. The county was named after Solomon Juneau, a Milwaukee legislator who influenced the legislation establishing Juneau County. The county board of early Juneau County convened only once a year to conduct the business of the slow moving, remote county.


Today, Juneau County retains the charm of the early days, while it moves forward into the future of electronic government. The Juneau County Board and its employees strive to deliver services to its citizens through the use of modern technology, while still promoting the friendly, rural atmosphere that has made Juneau County a great place to work and play!


Top Ten Employers

Employer Service or Product Number of Employees
Department of Health Services Psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals 500‐999 employees
Walker Stainless Equipment Co. LLC Plate work manufacturing 250‐499 employees
Mile Bluff Medical Center Inc. General medical and surgical hospitals 250‐499 employees
Department of Corrections Correctional institutions 250‐499 employees
Necedah Public School Elementary and secondary schools 100‐249 employees
Dept. of Defense National security 100‐249 employees
Festival Foods Supermarkets and other grocery stores 100‐249 employees
Department of Military Affairs National security 100‐249 employees
Leer Inc. AC, refrigeration, and forced air heating 100‐249 employees
School District of New Lisbon Elementary and secondary schools 100‐249 employees

Source: WI DWD, Bureau ofWorkforce Training, QCEW, OEAspecial request, Sept. 2013


Population and Demographics

Apr 1, 2010 Census Jan 1, 2013 Estimate Numeric Change Proportional Change
United States 308,400,408 315,090,923 6,690,515 2.2%
Wisconsin 5,686,986 5,717,110 30,124 0.5%
Juneau County 26,664 26,912 248 0.9%
    Mauston, City 4,423 4,507 84 1.9%
    New Lisbon, City 2,554 2,575 21 0.8%
    Necedah, Town 2,327 2,357 30 1.3%
    Lemonweir, Town 1,743 1,755 12 0.7%
    Germantown, Town 1,471 1,551 80 5.4%
    Elroy, City 1,442 1,416 ‐26 ‐1.8%
    Lyndon, Town 1,384 1,394 10 0.7%
    Necedah, Village 916 924 8 0.9%
    Lisbon, Town 912 919 7 0.8%
    Wonewoc, Village 816 812 ‐4 ‐0.5%

Source: Demographic Services Center, Wisconsin Department of Administration

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