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Join the workforce solution to helping students launch careers!


The 7 Rivers Alliance, in partnership with the WEDC, Western Wisconsin Workforce Board, TUMMA and CESA #4, has launched an online career planning tool for students in Jackson County.  In 2018, this tool will be available to all school districts in the 7 Rivers Region.

The 7 Rivers Alliance is beyond excited to begin implementing Inspire Wisconsin, an online application supporting students and guiding them into the first steps of their professional career. Inspire Wisconsin’s mission is to develop and disseminate an organized, integrated community-development platform for life-long career planning and learning which creates bridges between employers, educators and students and connects students and adult job seekers with work-based learning experiences and job opportunities.


In Wisconsin there are nearly 300 middle and high school locations using the Inspire Wisconsin program which reaches over 120,000 users.  The 7 Rivers Alliance has started this program in Jackson County and then will expand these services into Iowa and Minnesota.  You and your organization can make a lasting impact on students and career seekers trying to discover their future career path!



It only takes a few minutes for you to register your business or to sign up as a job coach. Contact our Inspire Coordinator Jeff Scheel for more information or to learn more about this program CLICK HERE. 




Businesses/Employers to set up company profiles on the platform. Once signed up, employers can use discussion boards to engage students and job seekers, offer activities such as job shadows and internships, and send targeted messages about new opportunities for those who might be most interested.


Career Coaches to answer questions from students in our community who want to learn about an industry or career.




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